OPEN TO: Members & Guest of members and members of the general public, Jr. 13-17 need accompanied by adult.

WHEN: January 28th, 2023 a Saturday. Sign up starts at 7:30am firing starts at 8:30am until completed around 2:00pm.

WHERE: Nampa Rod & Gun Club outdoor range 5 miles south of Nampa Idaho on Hwy. 45 to Bennett road turn left and go 1 mile to range. Sign on Hwy. 45 and Bennett road intersection. Map on back of this match flyer.

DEDICATED TO: All who gave themselves so unselfishly for the sake of the Liberty and Freedom that we all take for granted every day in this great country. And in memory of Vance Cusic March 21, 1942 – July 23, 2003. USMC 1960-1964 earned in 1993 the 1072nd Civilian Distinguished Rifleman Award. Life member NR&GC


ENTRY FEES: $25.00 per participant-$10.00 for Jr. 13-17. Jr. Teams welcome & allowed adult coaching.

AUTHORIZED WEAPONS: Any Military Rifle or Carbine Semi-Auto or Bolt action made and issued before 1955, No M14, FN-FAL, AR-15, H&K types. (AK47 & SKS allowed) NR&GC members & a guest of a member that are shooting a weapon in 30 cal. (30-06) can purchase 100 rounds of M2 ball for $59.00 from the club/If shooting an M1 you will have to load your own en-bloc clips. M1 Carbine ammo $45.00 per 100 rounds. If you don’t have a rifle the club will have 2 M-1 rifles for use as loaners. Club ammo must be used in a club rifle. Weapons must be as issued with open or iron sights. Shooters should bring extra magazines, striper clips etc.-Rapid fire. I’ll bring some Mauser & Springfield stripper clips for loaners.

TEAMS: 4 Person teams, AKA Fire teams. Teams will have to have a team name and a team leader. Match limit 10 teams, team may pre-register & pay to ensure entry. Pick up teams will be formed the day of the match for shooters not part of a team up to the 10-team limit of the match. Call to check starting 1-1-2022 J.W. Collins 208 465-7647.

EQUIPMENT: Shooting pad/4×7 piece of carpet etc. Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Rifle, sling, 100 rounds of Ammunition-No Tracer or Incendiary bullets allowed, web gear-ammo pouches etc. Extra mag’s, striper clips etc. No shooting coats or shooting gloves etc. allowed. Dress for the weather – Cold, Wind, Rain, Snow etc.

COURSES OF FIRE: All shooting to be at 200 yards range. “Hasty” or Loop slings only no Bi-Pod’s. Prone position will be used. Sighting shots; each shooter will be allowed 2 sighting shot’s utilizing the following procedure, with a full-sized silhouette fire 2 rounds in 2 minutes with the target pulled and marked for each shot. The 2 rounds come out of the shooters 100 rounds allocated limit for the match. You do not have fire any sighting shot’s if you wish.

STAGE 1: HUMAN WAVE ATTACK. With weapons loaded and on safe with team in shooting position on the firing line shooters will commence firing when their targets appear, Targets 16 full sized silhouettes exposed for 2 minutes. Scoring as follows 1 point per hit on target, any missed target –10 points from team total.

STAGE 2: FIRE TEAM RUSHES. With weapons loaded and on safe with team in shooting position on the firing line shooters will commence firing when their targets appear, Targets 16 prone sized silhouettes exposed for 2 minutes 8 for 30 seconds then other 8 exposed for 30 seconds and repeated. 1 moving target full sized silhouette moving fast walk speed length of target butts back and forth for 2 minutes. Scoring 1 point per hit on target for prone silhouettes and 2 points per hit on full sized moving silhouette target. –10 points for any missed prone target and –20 points if moving target is missed from team total. No limit on rounds fired per stage.

AWARDS/PRIZES: Each member of the match winning team will receive $100.00 if at least 4 teams sign up or $50.00 each if less than 4 teams and will have their names placed on a commemorative plaque. And a picture of the winning team to each. A door prize of an embossed M1 Garand enbloc clip will also be issued to every competitor.


QUESTIONS: Contact match director Jeffrey W. Collins Ordinance Officer / CMP Director-Instructor NR&GC at (208) 465-7647 or E-mail at jcollins@idoc.idaho.gov I’ll have paper full & prone sized silhouette practice targets for anyone interested for sighting in and practice before the day of the match, 1 each free per participant. Contact J.W. Collins for details. Notice changes in bold.