Officers and Directors

To contact the board please email:

List of Officers

President Dan Hawkins
Vice President Chris Collins
Treasurer Eugene Dina
Secretary Brian Eldredge
Membership Secretary Phil Sauter
Executive Officer Chris Clark
Ordinance Officer Jeff Collins 208-465-7647
Safety Officer Travis Demaray
Past President Dean Barton 208-939-6576

Directors and Building Committee Representatives

Junior Shooting Tim Oren 208-807-6446
Silhouette Earl Robinson 208-890-4531
CMP Jeff Collins 208-465-7647
High Power Brian Eldredge 208-869-6362
ARA Larry L Foor 208-957-8804
USPSA Chris Collins
IDPA Jay Hutchinson 916-798-5336
Steel Challenge Harold Kropp  
NRL22 Julien Ciampanelli
PRS22 Andy Smith  
Building Committee Greg Lewis 208-761-7514