Existing Membership Renewal Procedure

If you are a past member or seeking a new membership to the Nampa Rod & Gun Club Member this part does not apply to you. See the part titled “NEW MEMBERS”.

Membership Dues for existing members are increasing Jan 1 2020 to $150 and Key deposits are increasing to $25. Keep your key safe because if you lose it, the new fee will apply. These increases are necessary to cover rising costs of running a top quality range.

Applications will not be necessary this year. However please have your name, phone and key number beginning with 054 on your check. Your key number IS your membership number. Used just like an account number in our system. If this information is not provided your check will be returned and loss of membership may result.

If you have had a change of address, email or phone please provide the new info so we can update our records.

I am hoping to have a page up in the near future with renewing key numbers arranged by month. Every member will know what month they renew and to expect a notice.

Every member will receive an email at the beginning of their renewal month. If you have not received a renewal notice by the 5th of the month it may be in your spam folder, promotions etc. Or perhaps you have changed your email. Contact the membership sec by email to insure you get a notice to renew. You will have till the last day of that month to renew your membership. If payment has not been received or other arrangements made your key will be deactivated. 30 days later your membership will be forfeit if your account remains delinquent.

Mail your renewal payment of $150 along with the required information to:

Nampa Rod & Gun Club
Box 263
Nampa, ID, 83651

If you wish to let your membership lapse please be aware you cannot reactivate it. You will have to fill out a new member application and be placed on the wait list which is currently 1 year long. If you have extenuating circumstances send the membership sec an email immediately.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the membership sec by email.

Phil Sauter