The following is a list of some common questions that we are asked.  If you have a specific question to which you are unable to find an answer here, you may also contact a Board Member or Discipline Director. If you have a problem with this site, please contact us at

Q: Is the range open to the public?

A: This is a private club for members ONLY. However we do open the indoor range to the public during our open shoots.  Please refer to the Club Calendar for details.  The outdoor range is open to guests of paid members.  See our Club Rules for details regarding guest participation.

Q: Where do I get an application form?

A: You can contact our Membership Secretary, Phil Sauter at or you can go directly to our Membership Form. Simply complete the form online then contact Phil Sauter to arrange a time for an induction meeting. If you do not wish to complete the form online you may complete a paper copy during your induction meeting. We will follow up with you and notify you of your membership status.

Q: Why am I having a problem viewing this site?

A: This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer and may not work well with other browsers. We are looking into fixing this problem but for now you can simply download Microsoft’s latest version of IE.

Q: Why do some pages contain little or no information?

A: This site is constantly being updated and improved.  Some pages may still be under construction. All information submitted from the respective directors is posted by the webmaster. However if nothing is submitted, nothing is posted.

Q: How do I get something posted on the website ?

A: If you have information that you wish to put on the website, simply email your request to and we will submit it for approval. Once approved, it will be posted shortly thereafter. Make sure to include your name and contact information so the webmaster may contact you in case of errors or omissions.

Q: Do I need to be a member to shoot a club sponsored match?

A: Matches that are sponsored by NRAGC (such as USPSA, IDPA, CMP, High Power, Silhouette) are open to the public and you do not need to be a NRAGC member to shoot. However there is an additional range fee that is charged per non-member. More information is available on each Discpline’s webpage.

Q: How do I get involved with club sponsored matches?

A: The simplest answer is to just show up! If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Discipline Director listed on each discipline’s webpage, and they will be very happy to help you get started. Membership to the NRAGC is not required, but once you start spending more time at our range than you do your own home, we hope you’ll consider joining the club formally.