Range Rules and Saftey Polices

Each member is responsible for reading, understanding, knowing, and following the club’s range and safety rules.

Educate your guests about the rules in advance of shooting.

Outdoor Range Rules

  • Know and obey range commands and rules
  • Willful disregard of range commands or rules will result in loss of range privileges.
  • No uncased or unholstered firearms are allowed on Nampa Rod and Gun Club property except on the firing line. Uncased firearms may be transported from the vehicle to the firing line provided (1) The action is open (2) The firearm is unloaded (3) The firearm is pointed in an upward direction.
  • Eye and Ear protection is strongly recommended for all personnel on the firing range and may be required by individual shooting disciplines.
  • The rifle range is closed when the gravel pit on the north side of the range is in use. It is the shooters responsibility to determine if the gravel pit is in use. The silhouette range and pistol pits will remain open.
  • Use of rifles is prohibited on the silhouette range. On the rifle range, firing will be from the provided bench rest line (except for structured competitions or practice sessions).
  • All targets on the rifle range must be placed on the 25, 50, 100, 200, 300 or 550 yard target frames. Glass targets are prohibited on all ranges.
  • It is a safety violation to shoot from or across a road.
  • Firearms may only be handled on the firing line, or if provided, at a safety area. Ammunition or loaded magazines will not be handled at the safety area.
  • While on the firing line, the muzzles of firearms must be pointed down range at all times.
  • Do not discard loaded ammunition in range barrels.
  • An adult member must accompany persons under 18 years of age.
  • Tracer, incendiary, and armor piercing ammunition are prohibited.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs and/or individuals under the influence of such are not allowed on Nampa Rod and Gun Club property.
  • Be courteous to other shooters.
  • No hunting is allowed at the outdoor range.
  • Remove all of your practice targets before leaving the range.
  • Lock the gate on entering and leaving the range.
  • Range keys may not be loaned or copied. Violations of this rule can lead to the loss of range and membership privileges.


  • Each Member is responsible for reading and following all club rules for themselves AND their family members and guests. Members are responsible for the actions of their family and guests.
  • Engaging in ANY activity not covered by these rules and not approved by the Board is PROHIBITED.
  • Remove all of your targets and trash before leaving the shooting area.
  • Unsafe gun handling or un-sportsman’s like conduct are grounds for revocation of membership.
  • Report any observed violations to the board via email. Include time, date, license plate of vehicle and a description of the incident. Include names of any witnesses. All names will be held in confidence.
  • Members may bring guests, however only (2) guests plus (1) member may shoot at any one time.
  • No person under age 18 is allowed on the range unless accompanied by a Member of 21 years or older.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the range.
  • No one under the influence of Alcohol or Non-Prescription drugs is allowed on the range
  • No hunting is allowed on the range.
  • Range keys shall not be loaned or duplicated.
  • No Business or Professional Training may be conducted on the range without Board approval.
  • The gate must remain locked unless a scheduled event or Police Training is in progress. If you find the gate open when it should be closed call a board member.
  • Shooting is permitted between Official Sunrise and Official Sunset only. This is NOT from first light to last light. Consult a weather source for the official sunrise and sunset times.
  • No automatic fire, No Explosive targets, No tracer or incendiary rounds, No Armor Piercing rounds, No 50 BMG or larger Calibers, NO CANNONS.
  • DO NOT fire shotguns rounds of any type into the backer boards.
  • Do not drive off road at anytime.
  • Ammunition or loaded magazines are prohibited in any of the designated safety areas.
  • Do NOT discard any ammo in the range trash receptacles.
  • No shooting from, to or across any road.
  • Keep muzzles pointed downrange to insure All Rounds impact into the proper berms.
  • The Silhouette/NRL22 range is off limits unless you are participating in that disciplines event.
  • All of the shooting disciplines are open to the public as well as Club members for an additional fee. NRAGC discounts apply for certain disciplines.
  • Target backer posts are for holding plywood backers. They are NOT for placing targets. Shooting the posts intentionally is prohibited.


  • Do not park where doing so will disrupt shooting activities.
  • Rifle Range
  • Silhouette Range
  • Above the pistol pits
  • Behind the 600 yard berm on the High Power Rifle Range

The Pistol Pits

  • Follow ALL signage as to what type of firearms may be used in which pits.
  • Only Pistol cartridges may be used on plate racks. No rifles cartridges allowed. Do NOT Damage the plate Racks. Rounds limited to 1600 Feet Per Second or LESS
  • Members may bring commercially manufactured steel targets provided they are used in accordance with the manufactures instructions and placed up against the berms.
  • Steel Targets are PROHIBITED except in Pits 2,3,4,8,9 ONLY.
  • Members may bring their own cardboard or paper targets and place them on their own target stands provided they are not in line with the backer boards and are up against the berm.
  • DO NOT shoot shotgun rounds of any type at the backer boards.
  • NO thrown or airborne clay targets may be shot in the pistol pits.
  • Keep muzzles BELOW the level of the berms to insure all rounds stay inside the pit!
  • All shooting locations in the pistol pits have signs to indicate type of firearms and targets that maybe used in each.
  • There is absolutely NO SHOOTING in unsigned areas.
  • Members are to use paper targets on the plywood target holders only.
  • Pits are numbered 1 through 13, and each pit has a sign that details Do’s and Don’ts for that location.
  • Multiple safety areas are provided.
  • There is NO SHOOTING or LIVE AMMO in safety areas.

Silhouette/NRL22 Range

  • This range is for standard silhouette targets on existing stands ONLY during scheduled discipline events, and for NRL22 matches.
  • It is not open to the general membership.
  • Small bore pistol, hunter pistol and cowboy rifles only may be used.
  • No other targets or shooting is allowed on this range without BOD approval.

High Power Rifle Range

Reserved for CMP/High Power scheduled discipline events only.

  • There are four raised firing positions for 200, 300, 500 and 600 yard shooting.
  • Firing positions are NOT target berms. DO NOT place targets or shoot into the firing positions.
  • The General Rifle Range are closed when the High Power Rifle Range is scheduled for use.

General Rifle Range

  • Bringing a rifle to the range in a proper gun case is highly encouraged however you may transport uncased firearms from your vehicle to the firing line unloaded, action must be open and muzzle pointed up.
  • All firing will be done from the benches or between the benches, prone or standing but not past the benches. Place targets on the appropriate backer boards. I.e. the 25 yard bench shoots only to the 25 yard backers and so on. Distances are marked on the benches. Cardboard, Paper or Balloon targets only
  • When the line is cold all firearms must be unloaded, actions open and all personnel must remain behind the RED line. No handling of any firearms or anything forward of the red line while any person is downrange. No exceptions
  • The main rifle line is closed when the gravel pit to the north is in use.
  • The 600 yard shooting position is closed unless participating in the High Power or CMP events.
  • Steel targets are located at 300 and 550 yards. No other steel targets are allowed on the rifle range.
  • Benches are numbered 1 through 10 running from West to East with 3 wooden benches at the Eastern end of the firing line.
  • Benches 1 and 2 are to be used for the 550 yard target position.
  • Benches 2,3 and 4 are for the 300 yard target position.
  • Benches 3 and 4 are to be used for the 200 yard target holder position.
  • Benches 5 through 8 are to be used for the 100 yard target position.
  • Benches 9 and 10 are to be used for the 50 yard target position.
  • Wooden benches are to be used for the 25 yard target positions.
  • Do not use any rocks, cans, milkjugs, boxes, etc… as targets.
  • Any standard hunting rifle caliber is allowed. No 50BMG caliber or larger allowed!
  • Closed when High Power Rifle range is used.
  • Before you begin to shoot, be sure to scan the gravel pit, 550 yard target bunker and down range area to make sure the area is unoccupied.
  • Never handle a firearm when anyone is downrange.
  • When not shooting, keep your weapons secure, pointed down range and leave the action open.

Shooters Skill Level

  • All shooters are required to have adequate skill to place all their shots into the impact area at any position they are shooting on.
  • New firers and those with mis-adjusted sights should be on the target within a reasonable number of shots (less than 10).
  • If you or your guest do not possess the skill to hit the impact area-move to a shooting position where you can confine your fire to the designated impact area.
  • If your guests are new or unskilled shooters, observe them closely to be sure they are placing their rounds into the designated impact areas.
  • If you are a new or unskilled shooter, please ask for help or instruction from a Board Member or Discipline Director.

Right to Inspect

A club official may inspect any firearm or ammunition on the ranges, and may order any firearm or ammunition off the ranges which they, in their sole judgment, considered to be inappropriate or in an unsafe condition.