ICORE Match Schedule  Third Saturday of each month. Please contact Rich Richards  or  Alexis or Gene Katz

Match Registration And Payment

Welcome. We do have advance registration at Practiscore. Match fees are shown under each match description. Payment and registration can be made the morning of the match at the range. We are only capable of accepting cash (no internet) and we appreciate exact amounts but can make change. 

 3rd Saturday ICORE Match

Our third Saturday event is the International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts match featuring 5 or 6 stages.Adult members  $10. Adult non members  $15. For a 6 stage Classifier Match   (5 stages + classifier stage add  $3.)(Adult members   $13) (Adult  non members  $18.) 
Juniors(under 18yrs) are $5. Please see “Match Registration And Payment” above for how to pay the match fee. Standard set up 8:30.  Match walk through 9:00   Unless otherwise stated.DUE TO FREQUENT WEATHER CONDITION CHANGES PLEASE CHECK NRAGC CALENDAR OR FACE BOOK PAGE FOR MATCH CANCELLATIONS OR TIME CHANGES.


Our 3rd Saturday monthly club ICORE matches feature 5 or 6 individual stages of diverse shooting. The number of targets per stage can vary from a couple to a dozen or more. Targets consist of paper and/or steel (falling or ringing) and may sometimes include other target items. Targets are usually stationary but occasionally moving. Distance to targets range from a few feet to 50 yards with the majority ranging from 10 feet to 25 yards. Stages are timed and revolvers are usually drawn from the holster. Depending on the stage shooters may remain stationary or be required to move to another shooting area or engage targets while moving.


At the ICORE Match, the equipment is a revolver of .32 magnum caliber or greater, 22 cal rimfire revolver may also be used, but will compete in a different category. A holster which holds the firearm securely and covers the trigger guard, and a belt strong enough to carry the handgun and ammunition in a safe manner. Rimfire revolver will start with the gun in hand at low ready (45 degrees down) so holsters are not necessary. All participants and spectators must wear eye and ear protection when shooting is in progress. Other useful stuff is a minimum of five speed loaders and pouches to carry them. Generally, 150 rounds are sufficient to complete all courses of fire. All reloading must come from the belt, the initial load can come from a table or pocket. Some stages may require or offer reloading from top of table or barrel.

What is “Power Factor?”

Since the amount of recoil influences shooting speed, ICORE matches require ammunition that makes a minimum “power factor” of 120. If you want to know for certain, we can “chrono” your ammunition (see below) to see where you stand. We do not always chrono, but will at some of the matches. We do ask that you not shoot magnum loads larger than .50 caliber as they can damage the steel targets.
 At a major match such as a Regional or at the International Revolver Championship, samples of your ammunition will be taken from your belt and you will be required to fire the sample ammunition in your revolver across a chronograph. The chronograph measures the muzzle velocity. One cartridge will be disassembled and the bullet will be weighed. The calculated power factor from the measured velocity and measured weight must meet the minimum, or a time penalty will be added to the overall match score. At the IRC, the failure to meet the power factor adds 360 seconds to your overall score! Factory ammunition will also be tested by ICORE to determine that it meets the minimum requirement in the competitor’s revolver.