New Memberships

Thank You for applying to the Nampa Rod & Gun Club.
Our current membership levels are full. As of this writing Nov 18th 2019 we estimate the wait list to be 1 year long.
To get on the wait list fill out the online application that will be sent to the membership sec. This only gives you a place in line. It does not give you a guarantee of membership.
After you fill out the application please send a separate email letting the Sec know you have applied. We don’t want anybody getting lost in the “Abyss” of the internet. Be sure to fill out all applicable fields and check the 2 boxes at the bottom to be sure your application is received.

Do not at anytime fill out multiple applications this only puts you further down the list.

When a membership becomes available you will receive an email invitation to join and to attend a safety class. This is classroom only and pertains to the regulations and safety procedures to the range. Every prospect must attend this class regardless of their personal qualifications.

If you do not respond to the invitation in anyway your application will be dropped. If the timing of the class is an issue contact the membership sec.

It is your responsibility to check your spam folder, promotions etc or to update your email if it changes.

In the meantime all of our matches are open to the public. Checkout the “Shooting Disciplines” page to learn more. Contact the correct director for more info. The club calendar has the days and times of the matches.

Email the Membership Sec with any questions pertaining to Memberships

Phil Sauter, Membership Sec