High Power / CMP

HP Discipline Directors:  Brian Eldredge & Shane Parker nragchp@gmail.com

CMP Discipline Director:  Jeff Collins jcollins@idoc.idaho.gov

NRA High Power Rifle is one of the oldest and largest contested rifle competitions.  Shooters of all types and abilities from all over the world are challenged by this discipline. Our outdoor course is available for members to participate in this fun and challenging sport.  Organized practices, approved NRA Matches and Special Clinics are all part of our regular season.

Dates and Starting Times:

Our regular season begins early in April and lasts until late September.

Practice Matches – 5:30PM Wednesdays

NRA Matches – 8:00AM Saturdays and Sundays

NRA Approved and Registered 800-point Matches are held on the third Saturday of each month, during our season.

We are using ShotMarker electronic targets for scoring. Please bring a wi-fi enabled smartphone or tablet when attending practices or matches.


NRAGC Outdoor Range (map)

Course of Fire:

800 Aggregate Match

The all-outdoor course of fire includes four separate timed 20 shot, 200-point matches that, together give an aggregate possible score of 800 points and is shot from 200, 300 and 600 yards.  The circular ringed bullseye style targets vary in size and have anywhere from 13 to 36 inches of aiming black, depending on overall yardage from the firing line.  The first phase is the unsupported 200-yard”offhand” or “standing slow-fire” (22 minutes, individually loaded, fired & scored), followed by the 200-yard supported “sitting rapid fire” (two 60-second phases of 10 shots, each with a magazine change), the 300-yard supported “prone rapid-fire” (two 70 second phases of 10 shots, each with a magazine change) and the 600- yard supported “prone slow-fire” (22 minutes, individually loaded, fired and scored).  Before each phase, every shooter is also allowed two “sighters”, or practice shots, which may be taken from any position.  Every round afterwards at each phase is then counted for score, the maximum being for 10-points each down to 5-points.  Misses count as 0 and any Xs count as 10-points and are used for tiebreakers and bragging rights.

CMP Excellence in Competition Match CMP Program 2021 NR&GC

Distances, targets, and the course of fire are the same as above with the following exceptions. This is a 50 point match: 10 Rounds are shot at 200 yards slow-fire, 200 rapid-fire, and 300 rapid-fire (total of 30); 20 rounds are shot at 600 slow-fire. No sighting shots or alibis strings are allowed. Competitors must start from a standing position then get into sitting or prone for those respective rapid-fire stages in the allotted time.

CMP Combat Matches

January 26th Frozen Chosin Garand Match Garand Match 2019

June 1st Vietnam Match Vietnam MATCH 2019

August 3rd Lord Roberts Match Lord Roberts 2019

August 3rd Bob Tuley Match Bob Tuley 2019

September 7th Bolt Action Battle Rifle Match BOLT ACTION BATTLE RIFLE MATCH 2019

For more information, refer to the NRA High Power Rulebook

Snake River Sportsmen sponsor a High Power Rifle Club Clinic every spring at the SRS Vale, Oregon Range. (map)