If you are interested in long range precision shooting on a budget, then you need to come on out to the Nampa Rod and Gun Club (NRAGC), silhouette range located at 7990 Bennett Road in Nampa. We currently shoot the 2nd Saturday and the 4th Sunday of each month.  Setup is at 08:30AM with open shooting beginning at 09:00AM to zero rifles and acquire windage and elevation data. competition begins at 09:30 AM and we are usually finished between 01:00PM & 2:00PM. Gates will be open to all competitors and you do not have to be a club member to compete.

The NRL22 Discipline Is a National Long-Range Precision Rimfire (22LR) Competition. It was patterned after the NRL (National Rifle League) Centerfire program.

The monthly COF (course of fire) consists of a minimum of 5 stages provided by national (they change each month). Each stage consists of 10 shots at paper and steel targets ranging in size from 1⁄4” to 6”. Total round count is 50 per match minimum plus whatever you need to zero the rifle. We shoot from all the normal positions: offhand, kneeling, sitting, prone and strong and weak side (accommodations are made for persons with disabilities). We also use several different barricades or shooting platforms. Stage distances range from 25-300 yards.

We have four basic Divisions: Base, Lady, Air Rifle and Young Guns (ages 8-18). There are also two classes: Base (firearms and scope costing less than $1050) and Open (your budget is the limit). Required equipment includes a rifle chambered in .22LR (22 mag and .17 not allowed) with detachable 10 round magazine, sling, bipod, and scope (scope reticle should have a Christmas tree for holdovers and BDC turrets). Complete rules and monthly stage descriptions are available on the NRL22 website at

Match fees are $10.00 for all matches except Regionals and Nationals. Match fees are payable on site the day of the match. Registration is on Matches are open to the public, however only NRL22 members ($75.00 per year) are eligible to win national prizes provided by our sponsors.

“Rimfire is a legal gateway drug.” If you ever wanted to get your kids and family hooked on something great, then this is your chance.

 For more information contact the NRL22 Discipline Director, Larry Foor: or 208-957-8804.

Nampa Rod and Gun Club

NRL22 2019-2020 Match Schedule:

09/14/2019……………….No match on 4th Sunday due to CMP Championships.
04/17-19/2020…………..Regional Championships at NRAGC

No matches in May due to National Championships

New Season begins June 1st


Typical Stage:

nrl22 example

IMG_1127 (002)

Typical range setup with steel targets ranging from ¼” to 6” and paper targets from 1 .5” to 3”. This will really challenge you and your equipment.

Come on out on Saturdays and enjoy shooting with a great bunch of very safety conscious fellow shooters. New shooters, Families and youth shooters are always welcome.