If you are interested in long range precision shooting on a budget, then you need to come out to the Nampa Rod and Gun Club (NRAGC), silhouette range located at 7990 Bennett Road in Nampa Idaho. We shoot matches on the 2nd Saturday of each month. We begin Setup/registration at 08:30 AM and shoot at 09:00AM (times may change with daylight check club calendar).

You do not need to be a NRAGC or NRL22 member, our matches are open to the public.

The National Rimfire Precision Rifle Discipline called NRL22. It is a national program with many clubs and members competing throughout the US for monthly scores and prizes. You can view their web site and rules at nrl22.org.

A normal match at NRAGC consists of five to 8 stages that change every month. Each stage consists of steel or paper targets at varying ranges from 25 to 300 yards. You have 90-120 seconds to shoot ten rounds, with each round having a value of 10. We shoot from many positions including prone, sitting, kneeling and off hand. We also make the shooters try shooting from barricades, such as tank traps, ladders, sawhorses, and tires and shoot from both weak and strong side. Each stage is usually worth 100 points and a match worth 500 points. We can modify stages to accommodate physically challenged individuals.

Scores are sent in to National for posting and entry for monthly prizes that are donated by our sponsors. We charge $ $10.00 for monthly matches. You must be a NRL22 member to be eligible for prizes and national ranking.

There are six divisions of shooters: Base (rifle and scope costing less than $1200 MSRP), Open (anything goes), Lady, Old Guns (Shooters over 60), Air Rifle and Young Guns (ages 8-16 Parent required to be present).

You will need a rifle chambered in 22LR only (no 22 Mag or 17 HMR) with a Good scope that has a Christmas tree style reticle for hold overs, that will focus down to 25 yards, a bipod, and a sling. Tube feed magazines are strongly discouraged. Various shooting bags can be borrowed until you find out what works best for you.
Typical range setup with steel targets ranging from 1⁄4” to 6” and paper targets from 1 .5” to 3”. This will really challenge you and your equipment.

Come on out and enjoy shooting with a great bunch of very safety conscious fellow shooters. New shooters, Families and youth shooters are always welcome. Loaner rifles and equipment are available for new shooters who want to try out the sport.

For more information Contact the NRAGC NRL22 Discipline Director, Larry Foor at 208-957-8804 or llfoor@gmail.com.